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This website is the home to a free database of national and regional companies that have publicly-posted donation addresses or web-forms, plus descriptions of the items these companies may donate.

This is a community-driven project, and this database is provided free of charge to fundraising-auction teams to use. You can help make it better and more complete by clicking here to add donors and items to the database.

Please post only companies that have made public a donation address or web-form - we do not want to swamp companies that are willing to donate to their neighborhood school, but don't necessarily want to receive requests from around the country.

Note: After receiving some polite, well-reasoned email from some of the donors listed here, we have decided to change the policy to require registration before browsing the donor list and catalog. 

If you fill out the form to the right, you can login to this site and do any or all of the following:

  • Download the Donor List (in spreadsheet format)
  • Use the Mail Merge function to generate procurement letters
  • Print Bid Sheets, Description Sheets, and Gift Certificates for any of the items in the database, and use them in your auction.

Registration is free, just use the form on the right to get your user ID and password.  You can download our Trial User's Guide from this link - it will help you learn how to use the system.





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